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332 words by attila written on 2014-08-11, last edit: 2016-08-04, tags: rant

Nothing is ever fixed. It never gets fixed. It just gets pushed away until it isn't in plain sight and then it's still not fixed. Fixing things means breaking other things. The wrapper on a new screwdriver. Your own stupid brain. Whatever. Eggs. Omelettes. Fixing means ... read more

EMACS: The Carpal-Tunnel-bashing, Super Distraction Masheen

237 words by attila written on 2024-01-23, last edit: 2024-03-20, tags: adhd, carpal, emacs, hacking, rant

Yep yep yep yep yep yep yep just write me Beardo. Bardo. Yeah be more bardy Beardo. You're a Bard right?

Will it just spring into existence if I squint really hard?

Okay I'll just leave this here while nobody's watching and ... read more

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