The Dogs, the shelter and COVID

In the before-times we operated a bespoke dog shelter out of our house in Celestún, Yucatán. It was starting to make sense, we were re-homing more dogs and doing stuff when COVID hit. This made it impossible to even think about having volunteers come, we sort of turtled and rode my very limited but still existent income as a hacker through the first, scary wave, but all the people we had been working with left town. The one and only vet here left. It wasn't possible to make a living here unless you (a) were from here, or (b) had some other source of income.

As a result, we have a ton of dogs, the income situation has only worsened, we still do not feel comfortable bringing visitors/volunteers here (COVID isn't over, people) and we can always use some help. If you are interested, all funds donated via the link below go to help our dogs, stray dogs, dogs at the garbage dump and people who help them all.

Updated on 2024-01-07

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