EMACS: The Carpal-Tunnel-bashing, Super Distraction Masheen

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Yep yep yep yep yep yep yep just write me, Beardo. Bardo. Yeah, be more bardy, Beardo. You're a Bard, right?

Will it just spring into existence if I squint really hard?

Okay, I'll just leave this here while nobody's watching and update it with anti-Emacs invective as it occurs to me in the heat of the moment.

Use Simple Shit Simply Use Simple Shit Sim...

Like: my mind is so emacsfucked I started recreating the same situation I had in emacs using gvim: huge sessions with a zillion tabs and buffers, Man pages, ... shit. I stopped short of looking for some vim-to-psql gadget and slapped myself in the chops. I literally did this. It knocked a bit of slobber off of me and I found that hilarious in the moment.

Anyway I slapped myself because: simplify your shit, Beardo, it's the thing you're doing now because this other way has not worked out well. So, like, use things as they are designed like: psql. It is a perfectly lovely CLI with impressive completion support, integrated help, it plays well with editors (like vim), so why not just use it? In a terminal window? The way P4N intended?

Beause Emacs cooked my brain, that's why. No good reason. So I'm not using your throbbing vim d4t4-c0r3 access pack. I'm sure it's super-cute.

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