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Learning is pain: AI is bunk

888 words by attila written on 2010-05-10, last edit: 2023-01-25, tags: ai, grift, humanity

Originally published on an old abandoned blog when I still believed in WordPress. Copied here 2 23- 1-2

Pain is an integral and oft ignored component of human learning and interaction. When we fxxk up it hurts. When it hurts we learn. What we ... read more

Corporate Churn

1181 words by attila written on 2022-11-21, last edit: 2022-11-24, tags: ai, corp, dystopia, privacy, writing

The C-suite at ShinyPants.Fart just paid a $boatload of money to install a new AI and tweak its models to perfection.

The AI designed by ubusters.hope an Israeli firm is designed to maintain churn at the low-to-mid level employees for corporates of any ... read more

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